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Drealize Immigration Services LTD is an immigration consulting company serving not only Calgary, Edmonton, Alberta but all over Western Canada. We offer our clients an all-inclusive range of citizenship and immigration services to support them with their journey of immigration.

About Us

At Drealize Immigration, we take pride in providing high quality, timely and professional services for our customers. Our expert immigration consultants are licensed by the highly regarded organization and governed by the corresponding Code of Conduct aims to protect customers. Therefore, you can expect professional and good solutions if things go wrong.

Drealize Immigration is a professionally managed company based in Canada. Our expert services are fair, transparent and efficient. Our excellent services allow clients to achieve their task to immigrate to Canada and reach a new height to preserve a higher standard of living as well as access to a world-class education.

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CANADA welcomed 401,00 new permanent residents in 2021. We did our best to turn many Dreams into reality. With over 90 percent success rate, we had few setbacks as well. Overall, Our Results speak a volume about Drealize Immigration.

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We belive in transperenacy, it'll be all clear, and writen on paper that we follow.

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